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Caire owns two major oxygen concentrator companies in the world; AirSep and SeQual Technologies. And the brand hence features a versatile product line with the biggest range of oxygen concentrators.

After the acquisition of Airsep by Caire, global distributors, except in India, started promoting Caire Companion 5 instead of AirSep Visionaire. However, AirSep Visionaire is still promoted and sold in India, maybe because it has been in Indian market for a while now & dealers trust the product.

You can only find a few dealers in India selling new models under the brand name of Caire like Caire Companion 5, Caire Freestyle Comfort, and SeQual Eclipse.
Our market research in 2020 revealed that the majority of dealers selling AirSep machines in India are not aware of its acquisition by Caire or partnership with SeQual Technologies. Therefore, if you are approaching an AirSep dealer for a Caire oxygen concentrator, you can mention that it is from the same company that sells AirSep. Likewise, if you are looking for a SeQual Eclipse, you can contact an AirSep dealer and ask them to arrange one.

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Caire Oxygen Concentrator price in India (2021)

Caire Oxygen Concentrators are priced between ₹ 62,000-3.50 Lakh in India. The stationary model costs between ₹ 62,000-1.9 Lakh and Portable Oxygen Concentrators are priced between ₹ 1.5-3.50 Lakh in India.

Model Price in India
Companion 5 LPM (Stationary) ₹ 62,000-69,000
Airsep Visionaire 5 (Stationary) ₹ 63,000-68,000
Airsep Newlife Elite 5 LPM (Stationary) ₹ 74,000-87,000
Airsep Intensity 8 (Stationary) ₹ 88,000-95,000
Airsep Focus (Portable) ₹ 1.5 lakh-1.7 lakh
Airsep Freestyle 3 (Portable) ₹ 1.35 lakh-1.65 lakh
Airsep Freestyle 5 (Portable) ₹ 1.60 lakh-1.80 lakh
Airsep Intensity 10 (Stationary) ₹ 1.20 lakh-1.60 lakh
Freestyle Comfort 5 (Portable) ₹ 2.40 lakh-2.80 lakh
SeQual Eclipse 5 (Portable) ₹ 2.80 lakh-3.20 lakh
SeQual Equinox (Portable) ₹ 3.00 lakh-3.50 lakh

The prices mentioned above are based on response from our database of Caire Oxygen Concentrator dealers in India.

Caire Oxygen Concentrator Models


Airsep Visionaire 5

Type Stationary
Flow 1-5 LPM
Weight 13.60 kg

Companion 5 LPM

Type Stationary
Flow 0.5-5 LPM
Weight 16.30 kg

Airsep Intensity 8

Type Stationary
Flow 1-8 LPM
Weight 24.50 kg

Airsep Newlife Elite 5 LPM

Type Stationary
Flow 1-5 LPM
Weight 24.50 kg

Airsep Focus

Type Portable
Flow 2-2 Settings
Weight 1.00 kg

Airsep Intensity 10

Type Stationary
Flow 2-10 LPM
Weight 26.30 kg

Airsep Freestyle 5

Type Portable
Flow 1-5 Settings
Weight 2.80 kg

Airsep Freestyle 3

Type Portable
Flow 1-3 Settings
Weight 2.00 kg

Freestyle Comfort 5

Type Portable
Flow 1-5 Settings
Weight 2.30 kg

SeQual Eclipse 5

Type Portable
Flow 0.5-3 LPM
1-9 Settings
Weight 8.30 kg

SeQual Equinox

Type Portable
Flow 0.5-3 LPM
1-9 Settings
Weight 6.34 kg

About the Company

Caire has been manufacturing oxygen delivery equipment and improving the lives of people for 50 years. The expertise and high-performance have made Caire one of the best and leading oxygen equipment manufacturers across the world.
Caire has succeeded in providing effective and innovative products and services to customers with great dedication and focus. As a result, oxygen concentrators and other products from Caire is widely used in home care, hospitals, military, and industrial applications.

Headquarters Ball Ground, USA.image
Founded 1992
Products Oxygen concentrators, Liquid Oxygen & Oxygen Generators
Official Website


Caire had acquired two major oxygen concentrator brands AirSep and SeQual Technologies in the year 2014 & 2010 respectively.
Initially owned by Chart Industries, Caire was later acquired by NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd in the year 2018.
NGK is a leading global company trying to design better solutions in the healthcare market by utilizing sensing and ceramic technologies. The acquisition of Caire was made to meet the healthcare needs of the future.

Caire Products

Caire provides complete oxygen solutions to render support and care for patients who require life-sustaining or therapeutic benefits of oxygen therapy. The medical-grade oxygen concentrators are said to be pretty easy to regulate and maintain for medical practitioners.
Caire not only provides oxygen solutions for medical and commercial purposes as well. The commercial oxygen concentrators from Claire are a cost-effective choice for glasswork professionals and miners.
Caire manufactures a wide range of Oxygen and Nitrogen products. The range of oxygen applications provided by Caire is made for meeting the needs of hospitals and medical facilities, ozone generation, aquaculture, wastewater treatment, gold leaching, and many more.
The oxygen products manufactured by Caire includes Self-contained O2 Generators, Package O2 Systems, PSA O2 Plants, O2 Cylinder Refilling Systems, and VPSA O2 Tonnage Plants.

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