Oxymed AirSmart Bi-Level Auto

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Brand: Oxymed

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Key Features

Turbine Made in Germany
Ergonomic Tilted Display
Detachable Design
Type BiPAP
Modes CPAP, Auto CPAP, S , Auto BPAP
Pressure Range 4 -30cmH₂O
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2 Year

For Non-compliant Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Oxymed AirSmart Auto is specially designed for non-compliant Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients 

oxymed Airsmart auto

Oxymed AirSmart Auto - Review by Oxygen Times

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Oxymed AirSmart Auto: Brochure

Oxymed BiLevel vs BMC BiPAP Machine

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Advanced FlowSens Algorithm

 Experience the convenience of our advanced FlowSens Algorithm with auto-adjusting pressure support for ultimate comfort.

Oxymed's advanced algorithm

Oxymed AirSmart Auto BiLevel Review : By Dr. Richa Tiwari

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A Perfect CPAP Alternative

Oxymed AirSmart Auto is a perfect alternative to CPAP machines and is more comfortable.

oxymed AirSmart Auto Bilevel

Oxymed: BiPAP vs CPAP Machine

Oxymed: BiPAP vs CPAP Machine

What's in the Box?

Check what comes inside the box of the Oxymed AirSmart Auto.

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Oxymed AirSmart Auto BiLevel for OSA : Review by Dr. Naveen Ailawadi

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Oxymed AirSmart Auto: Buy on Amazon

Separable Design Heated Humidifier

The AirSmart Auto comes with a detachable heated humidifier that not only prevents dryness but also adds convenience for frequent travelers.

Oxymed airsmart humidifier

Oxymed AirSmart Auto: Unboxing

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Oxymed AirSmart Auto: Official Specifications

How to set up humidifier in Oxymed AirSmart Auto?

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Better than CPAP

Auto BiLevel machine has two pressure settings: IPAP (for inspiration) and EPAP (for expiration), that makes it better than CPAP

Oxymed auto bipap

Oxymed AirSmart Auto: Maintenance

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Oxymed AirSmart Bi-Level Auto

Oxymed AirSmart™ BiLevel Auto is designed for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients who are facing challenge with CPAP therapy. Experience the conve- nience of our advanced FlowSens Algorithm with auto-adjusting pressure support for ultimate comfort.

Comfortable Alternative to CPAP

Replicating the natural breathing pattern, this device provides an unparalleled level of comfort.


Why Choose The BiLevel Auto Device over CPAP?

For patients who struggle to breathe against the constant pressure from a CPAP machine, our AirSmart™ BiLevel Auto offers a comfortable and effective solution. Unlike traditional CPAP, the BiLevel Auto operates with two levels of pressure: a higher inspiratory pressure (IPAP) during inhalation and a lower expiratory pressure (EPAP) during exhalation.


Advanced Algorithm with FlowSens

Advanced algorithm with FlowSens™ technology that detects Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) events and protects you from inappropriate pressure responses

Detachable Design

The Oxymed AirSmart Auto BiPAP comes in detachable design and humidifier can be detached easily.

Ergonomic Tilted Display 

The device has colorful TFT screen with ergonomic angle of 17⁰ that makes the display interface very interactive and user-friendly.

Leakage Compensation

The device compensates for the lost pressure in case of any accidental leakage. It can compensate leakge upto 60 LPM and offers comfortable therapy.

Heated Humidification

AirSmart Auto BPAP comes with heated humidifier that provides optimum humidificatiuon needed by the customer and prevents dryness and sore throat conditions.


The machine comes with 2 years warranty 

Oxymed AirSmart Bi-Level Auto Price in India

Price of Oxymed AirSmart Bi-Level Auto in India is ₹38,800. The maximum retail price (MRP) set by the manufacturer is ₹72,000.00.

Optional add-ons:

1. Offline Demo: ₹999.00

2. Full Face Mask (Size- L): ₹1500.00

3. Full Face Mask (Size- M): ₹1500.00

4. Full Face Mask (Size- S): ₹1500.00

5. Nasal Mask(Size- L): ₹1500.00

6. Nasal Mask(Size- M): ₹1500.00

7. Nasal Mask(Size- S): ₹1500.00

8. Nasal Pillow Mask: ₹2500.00

Technical details

Ergonomic Tilted Display
Detachable Design
Turbine Made in Germany
Type BiPAP
Modes CPAP, Auto CPAP, S , Auto BPAP
Pressure Range 4 -30cmH₂O
Sound level 30dB
Weight 2.0Kg
Company Headquaters India
Auto On/Off
Ramp Duration 0 -45min.
Auto Ramp -
Humidifier Heated
Heated Tube Compatibility -
Climate control -
Adaptive Humidification -
Mask Fit -
Leak Alert

Additional details

Altitude Compensation
Central Apnea Detection
Trigger & Cycle sensitivity
Ti Control -
Rise Time
Ti(inspiration time)
Pressure Support -
Back up rate -
RERA Reporting -
SpO2 Monitoring Compatibility -
Waterless Humidification -
Leakage Compensation Yes
SD card
Cloud connectivity/Wifi No
Bluetoooth -
QR code -

Oxymed has 35 authorized service centre(s) and paid service partner(s) in India. The list is indicative and is subject to change without prior notice.

Andhra Pradesh
Delhi & NCR
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