Invacare Platinum Mobile

Portable (Battery-powered)

Brand: Invacare

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Key Features

Purity 87-95.6%
Temperature Range 40Celcius
Battery Duration 5hours
Transportation Humidity 90%
Type Portable (Battery powered)
Pulse Flow 1-5Pulse setting
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2 Year

Invancare Platinum Mobile

Invacare Platinum Mobile is a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator that provides oxygen at up to 5 pulse settings with an oxygen purity level of above 90%.

Lightweight and Compact Design: Invacare Platinum Mobile oxygen concentrator weighs 2.26 kgs (unit+ battery)

Battery Backup: At 2 pulse settings, the device has a battery backup of 3.50 hours with a single battery and 7 hours with an external battery.

Recharge Time: It would take 2 hours for the battery of this device to get recharged.

Sound: Invacare Platinum portable oxygen concentrator produces sound at 40 decibels. 

Operating Altitude: This oxygen concentrator can be operated till an altitude of 10000 feet after which its purity level would start to decline. 

OutletPressure: This machine supplies oxygen at an outlet pressure of 28.5 psi, one of the highest among all the oxygen concentrators.

Oxygen Purity Indicator: Invacare Platinum Mobile is equipped with an Oxygen Purity Indicator that lights up immediately when the oxygen putty level of the device falls below 86%.

Alarms: Loss of alarms and system malfunction

Certifications: Invacare Platinum Mobile is FAA and US FDA approved and also CE certified.

Battery Backup:

Pulse Setting

One Battery

Two Battery


5 hr 5 min

10 hr 10 min


3 hr 30 min

7 hr 0 min


2 hr 20 min

4 hr 40 min


1 hr 45 min

3 hr 30 min

What's in the Box?

AC & DC Adapter

Supplementary Battery

Carry-bag Backpack

Desktop Battery Charger



Invacare Platinum Mobile Price in India

Price of Invacare Platinum Mobile in India is ₹219,000. The maximum retail price (MRP) set by the manufacturer is ₹280,000.00.

Optional add-ons:

1. Offline Demo: ₹999.00

Technical details

Purity 87-95.6%
Temperature Range 40Celcius
Transportation Humidity 90%
Battery Duration 5hours
Type Portable (Battery powered)
Pulse Flow 1-5Pulse setting
Weight 2.18kg
Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI)
Battery backup (at 2 pulse setting) 3.5hours
Recharge time 2hours
Backup with external battery pack 10hours
Sound level 40db

Additional details

Dimensions 9.45H x 7.5W x 3.88Dinch
Operating altitude 10000feet
Outlet pressure 28.5psi
Oxygen Purity % Analyzer -
Loss of Power Alarm -
System Malfunction Alarm
No Flow Alarm -
Indian Voltage Model
Company Headquarters USA
US FDA Approved
FAA Approved
CE Certified -

Invacare has 1 authorized service centre(s) and paid service partner(s) in India. The list is indicative and is subject to change without prior notice.

First Floor-45 Omaxe Square Jasola District Centre Behind Apollo Hospital,New Delhi -110025

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