Oxymed SleepEasy (German Turbine) AutoCPAP

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Brand: Oxymed

29,500.00 ₹60,000.00
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Key Features

Turbine Made in Germany
Ergonomic Tilted Display
Detachable Design
Type Auto CPAP
Modes CPAP, Auto CPAP
Pressure Range 4-20cmH₂O
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2 Year

German Turbine

Oxymed’s turbine is made in Germany that offers stable performance at a speed of 43000 BPM

Oxymed sleepeasy german turbine

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Oxymed Vs Resmed CPAP Machine

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Advanced FlowSens Algorithm

The advanced algorithm comes with FlowSens technology which can detects CSA events and prevents you from inappropriate pressure responses

Oxymed's advanced algorithm

Standard vs Advanced Algorithms: Explained

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Ergonomic Tilted Display

Oxymed SleepEasy’s screen is placed at a perfect angle that makes the design not only user-friendly but interactive. 


Oxymed cpap machine display

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What's in the Box?

Check what you will receive in the box of Oxymed Sleepeasy.

Oxymed SleepEasyAuto CPAP: Unboxing

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Separable Design Heated Humidifier

Oxymed SleepEasy comes with a separable design humidifier and is perfect for frequent travellers.

Oxymed humidifier

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Leakage Compensation

SleepEasy can adjust the pressure upto 60L/min based on mask leaks and prevents any compromises in therapy.

Oxymed leakage compensation

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Oxymed SleepEasy Auto CPAP Machine 

  • Oxymed SleepEasy has an advanced AutoCPAP algorithm with FlowSens™ technology that detects Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) events and protects you from inappropriate pressure responses
  • Oxymed's new turbine is made in Germany and offer robust, efficient, and stable respiratory power at a speed of 43,000 bpm
  • Leakage Compensation is designed to adjust the pressure up to 60 L/min, based on mask leak, to make sure that the prescribed pressure is delivered to the patient.
  • COMF Pressure Relief: Advanced pressure relief function allows to exhale against the continuous air pressure by dropping the pressure upto 3cmH20.
  • Auto On-Off: Automatic activation when wearing the mask, graceful shutdown upon removal, for an enhanced sleep therapy experience.
  • Warranty: Oxymed SleepEasy comes with 2 year warranty with Home Service PAN India

What's in the Box?

  • AutoCPAP Device
  • Humidifier
  • Power adapter 
  • Filter
  • User Manual
  • Pen Drive
  • Travel Bag

Oxymed SleepEasy (German Turbine) AutoCPAP Price in India

Price of Oxymed SleepEasy (German Turbine) AutoCPAP in India is ₹29,500. The maximum retail price (MRP) set by the manufacturer is ₹60,000.00.

Optional add-ons:

1. Offline Demo: ₹999.00

2. Full Face Mask (Size- L): ₹1500.00

3. Full Face Mask (Size- M): ₹1500.00

4. Full Face Mask (Size- S): ₹1500.00

5. Nasal Mask(Size- L): ₹1500.00

6. Nasal Mask(Size- M): ₹1500.00

7. Nasal Mask(Size- S): ₹1500.00

8. Nasal Pillow Mask: ₹2500.00

9. 24-48 hours: ₹999.00

10. With Battery Bank: ₹14989.00

Technical details

Ergonomic Tilted Display
Detachable Design
Turbine Made in Germany
Type Auto CPAP
Modes CPAP, Auto CPAP
Pressure Range 4-20cmH₂O
Sound level 30dB
Weight 2.0Kg
Company Headquaters India
Auto On/Off
Ramp Duration 0-45min.
Auto Ramp -
Humidifier Heated
Heated Tube Compatibility -
Climate control -
Adaptive Humidification -
Mask Fit -
Leak Alert

Additional details

Altitude Compensation
Central Apnea Detection
Trigger & Cycle sensitivity -
Ti Control -
Rise Time -
Ti(inspiration time) -
Pressure Support -
Back up rate -
RERA Reporting -
SpO2 Monitoring Compatibility
Waterless Humidification -
Leakage Compensation Yes
SD card
Cloud connectivity/Wifi No
Bluetoooth -
QR code -

Top Reviews from India



I am extremely satisfied with the service, the entire process from ordering to delivering was so smooth. No undue calls from employees, only catering to our genuine concerns

15 Feb 2024

Ratan Chandra Sharma

I've been using the Oxymed SleepEasy Auto CPAP for a few weeks now, and it's been a great investment

02 Feb 2024

Sujeet Kumar Jha

I was not sure which machine to buy but got the help from oxygentimes. Oxymed CPAP came in great packaging

21 Jan 2024

Kumar Siddhartha

Undoubtedly the best CPAP

19 Jan 2024

Kanika Bhargava

Highly Recommended!!!

17 Jan 2024

Renish paul

As a first-time CPAP user, the Oxymed SleepEasy has exceeded my expectations.

02 Jan 2024

Subrata Das

Sleep is good – can't ask for more!

23 Dec 2023

Rodney John Dsouza

I bought this machine from oxygentimes, they cleared all my doubts and delivered in just 2 days.

12 Dec 2023

Sujal Saha

Noticed a positive change in my energy levels. Definitely recommended for those struggling with sleep apnea.

21 Nov 2023

Amod Potdar

Solid choice for managing sleep apnea.

20 Nov 2023

Mohammad layeeq ahmed

A well-designed and reliable CPAP.

25 Oct 2023


I'm loving it!

24 Oct 2023

Avishek Anand

This CPAP machine is a silent hero in my bedroom. The noise level is minimal, allowing me to sleep peacefully without any disturbances. Bye-Bye Snoring!

16 Sep 2023


It's surprisingly quiet and my sleep quality has drastically improved.

13 Sep 2023


The detachable design is travel-friendly. - highly recommended!

23 Aug 2023

Shams Qureshi

Great investment for better sleep.

22 Aug 2023

Arindam Majhi

The machine came in good packaging with fast delivery

26 Jul 2023


After trying various CPAPs, I settled on the Oxymed SleepEasy Auto. Satisfied with my purchase.

16 Jun 2023

Sujeet Kumar Jha

It’s very user friendly

06 Jun 2023

Vivek Anand

I was hesitant about using this CPAP, but the Oxymed SleepEasy won me over.

02 Jun 2023

Dipika Roy

This machine has made a noticeable difference in my sleep quality. The ramp-up feature eases me into therapy, and I appreciate the durability of its German Turbine.

17 May 2023

Mohammed Bilal

I was in urgent need of a CPAP machine and oxygentimes came to my rescue. They have the best prices in the market. The delivery was fast.

15 Apr 2023

Abdul Quadeer

Very much reliable

03 Feb 2023

Salman AM

I recently took it on a trip, and it fit perfectly into my luggage

22 Jan 2023

Abdur Razzaque Raju

The design of the Oxymed SleepEasy is very much thoughtful - lightweight and detachable. I feel more focused during the day.

18 Jan 2023

Pardeep Singh

Thank you oxygentimes for such a good machine

28 Nov 2022

Umesh CR

Best CPAP Machine

29 Oct 2022

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