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The two separate entities, Drive and Devlibiss merged in 2016 and since then it is one of the leading oxygen concentrator manufacturers, selling its products throughout the world. Oxygen concentrators manufactured by them are not only sturdy and robust but are also power-efficient.

Drive DeVilbiss Compact 525, commonly known as Devilbiss 5 liter oxygen concentrator is one of the most established names of the industry. Supplying oxygen up to 5 LPM with 93 + 3% oxygen purity across all flow rates, this oxygen concentrator’s excellent dealer network enables it to be easily accessible for the ever-expanding patient’s needs.

DeVilbiss 5 liters

What we like about DeVilbiss 5 liter:

  • A kit that speaks of reliability and no-compromise on quality, it can supply up to 5 litres per minute at high concentration oxygen across the varied flow rates.
  • The excellent turn-down technology ensures a cost-effective electricity usage.
  • The integrated OPI which alams the users if the oxygen purity level falls below 86%. Designed with the most powerful compressor, supplying oxygen up to an altitude of 13123 ft.

What we do not like about DeVilbiss 5 liter:

  • It does not come with an oxygen purity analyzer. Many new concentrators in today’s market have this feature that reflects the oxygen purity percentage being delivered to the patient.
  • A little bulky as compared to other leading oxygen concentrators.
  • It is a bit inconvenient to use a rotatable knob to set the flow rate as compared to Inogen at Home & Oxymed Mini oxygen concentrator that come with a digital flowmeter for this purpose.

We have analyzed the design and features of the Drive Devilbiss oxygen concentrator in even more detail. Use the following links to dig deeper into its key features:

Front Label

Devilbiss 5 LPM front label

The front label is creatively placed at a slanting unit, allowing anyone standing near the machine to read it easily.

Located just below the handel, the front label serves the following purposes:

  • Malfunction alarm: Turns on whenever there any system malfunction and machines requires service.
  • Devilbiss 5 LPM
  • Low Oxygen Concentration alarm: Turns on whenever the oxygen concentration rate falls below 86%.
  • Devilbiss 5 LPM
  • Device functioning correctly: Remains lit as long as the concentrator is functioning correctly.
  • Devilbiss 5 LPM
  • Warm-up time: In our test we found the warm up time to be 1:22 min
  • Devilbiss 5 LPM
  • Hour Meter: Depicts the machine’s run time
  • Devilbiss 5 LPM

Power consumption

As per company claims, the machine consumes 310W of electricity, which makes it power-efficient as it uses only 1 unit if you run it for 3 hours and 13 minutes. As compared to Philips everflo which consumes 350W, Devilbiss would be a better option for you if your physician has advised oxygen support for longer durations.

Another wonderful feature in Devilbiss is that it uses turn-down technology. The machine will consume less power at lesser flow rates. Therefore, if you have a requirement of only 2 or 3 LPM then you would not have to worry about paying high electricity bills.

Devilbiss 5 liter power consumption

As you can see in the picture, when the oxygen flow rate is set 5 LPM, the machine is consuming around 280 W of electricity.

Devilbiss 5 liter power consumption

And when the oxygen flow rate is set at 1 LPM, the machine is using around 254W of electricity.

This clearly confirms that the machine is built with an intelligent turn-down technology. It not just makes the oxygen concentrator energy-efficient, saving on the patient’s electricity cost but also reduces the wear and tear of its internal components, hence expanding the life of the concentrator.

We'd also want to draw your attention to the fact that, even at the highest flow rate, the concentrator is consuming significantly less power than what they state. Seems like the company does stand to its claim. Amazing!

Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI) of Devilbiss 5 liters

Devilbiss 5 LPM Oxygen Purity Indicator

Another noteworthy feature of Drive Devilbiss 5 LPM is that it comes with an Oxygen Purity Indicator. While monitoring the oxygen purity level, yellow light is emitted on the top panel if the purity level falls below 86%.

However, with the advancement of technology many concentrators available in the market today also have an oxygen purity analyser. This feature displays the oxygen purity level being delivered to the patient. It would have been great if Devilbiss 5 liters too had offered this facility to its users just like Oxymed Mini does.

Flow Meter

Devilbiss 5 liter flow meter

The flowmeter of this oxygen concentrator comes with a flow meter ball. Before using the device, you have to make sure that the flow meter ball is centred on the line for your prescribed flow rate.

Though many top competitors such as Airsep Visionaire and Nidek Nuvo Lite have similar types of flow meters, it does have a drawback. The meter shows an accurate reading when viewed from 90 degrees angle but there is a little discrepancy in the reading when it is viewed from the front.

We are a little disappointed with this as it gets confusing for a lot of patients, they don’t know where to view it from. According to us, it is high time the company should shift to the digital display like oxymed Mini which makes it really easy for the patient to set and check the flow being delivered.

Oxygen Outlet

Devilbiss 5 liter oxygen outlet Devilbiss 5 liter oxygen outlet

Our favourite feature of the machine is how simple it is to assemble. The oxygen outlet which is located on the front of the unit can be connected to the oxygen connector easily. The cannula then can be attached to the connector and the concentrator is ready to be used.

Devilbiss 5 liter humidifier bottle

In case humidification is prescribed by the physician then the humidifier bottle too can be easily connected to the outlet through its wing nut. The humidifier bottle will have another oxygen outlet that can be attached to the cannula.


With an amazing 2 part case design, Devilbiss 5 liters has managed to win our approval when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Black in colour, the machine comes with castors and handles for easy transportation.

The power cord of the machine comes with a power cord strap so that things do not look messy when it is not in operation. The front label is user friendly as it comes with easy to read pictograms


Weighing 16.30 Kg, Drive Devilbiss 5 liter oxygen concentrator, might not be suitable for the people who would want to shift the concentrator’s location from time to time. Although its wheel supports the transportation within the house, the overall weight remains a constraint.

There are many lighter options available in the 5 LPM category such as Nidek Nuvo Lite, Airsep Visionaire 5, and Philips Everflo. All of them weigh less than 14 kgs.


Drive Devilbiss home oxygen concentrator 5 liter has dimensions of 24.40” H X 13.40” W X 12.00” D. The volume of the machine is 3923.52 cubic inches. Well, the size is compact but there are other American oxygen concentrators such as Nidek Nuvo Lite, Philips Everflo, and Airsep Visionaire 5 which are even smaller in the 5 liter range.

Sound level of Devilbiss 5 liters

Though the company claims that Devilbiss 5 liters is built with improved sound level reduction and is their quietest concentrator, we do not entirely agree with the company. The concentrator produces sound at 48 dB which is a bit high as compared to its competitors.

Operating altitude

The best quality of Devilbiss 5 liters is that it can function up to the altitude of 13,123 feet which makes its compressor the most powerful among the others. If you reside in a hilly region and are tired of looking for an oxygen concentrator that will supply oxygen without compromising its purity because of high altitude, then look no further.

According to our research, Devilbiss surpasses other concentrators when it comes to operating altitude. Therefore, you can definitely consider buying it if you keep visiting hill stations or reside in one.

Air Filter

Devilbiss 5 LPM air filter Devilbiss 5 LPM air filter

Leaving its rivals in the dust, there has been a latest development in the Devilbiss 5 liters . The external air filters which were previously located at the back of the unit have been taken down by the company and they have been relocated internally.

Users no longer need to clean the air filters on a regular basis, making it maintenance-free, just like Airsep Visonaire. This is undoubtedly the most noteworthy feature of Devilbiss 5 LPM.


The machine has a list of the following approvals which assures that it is a quality product:

  • US FDA
  • CE Certified
  • ISO


Dominating the market space with its amazing features that not only adds value to the concentrator but also act as an in-use assistant, Devilbiss 5 liters is backed with audio and visual alarm system to keep you intimated. This system incorporates the following alarms for its user to be aware of while using the concentrator

Alarm Condition Visual Alarm Signal Audible Alarm Signal
Warm-up period Yellow No
Low Oxygen concentration Yellow Yes
Service Required Red Yes

Hour Meter

Devilbiss 5 liter hour meter

To keep you informed about the machine’s run time, Devilbiss 5 LPM has an integrated hour meter which is an added advantage if we compare it with Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator.

Circuit breaker

Devilbiss 5 LPM circuit breaker

An amazing safety feature of this oxygen concentrator is that it comes with a circuit breaker. Whenever there is an electrical overload, the machine resets the unit automatically. This reduces the chances of eclectic sparking and other potential dangers.


The company claims that it offers 3 years warranty with a two-year extendable warranty package option. This ensures that the product can be trusted as most concentrator manufacturers offer a warranty only for one year. Thus, if you are looking for long-term and reliable oxygen support, you can consider buying it.

2 part case design

Devilbiss 5 liter two part case design

Another spectacular thing about Devilbiss 5 LPM is that it comes in two-part case design which makes it service friendly. The service provider will not have a tough time opening the machine’s components. It will not only save time and effort but will also avoid the chaos that often occurs when servicing a machine.

Oxygen Purity

Devilbiss 5 liter oxygen purity

In our test, we found that the device supplied up to 95.6% pure oxygen even at 5 LPM which is apparent from the above picture.

Flow Rate

Devilbiss 5 LPM flow rate

Devilbiss 5 LPM supplies oxygen at the flow rate of 1-5 LPM. Being one of the most reliable sources of oxygen therapy, the company actually delivers what it promises. In the picture, we can clearly see that the oxygen flow rate is set at 5 LPM in the machine which we have confirmed using an external flow meter.

Auxiliary Oxygen Port

Devilbiss 5 liter Auxiliary Oxygen Port

Devilbiss 5 LPM also has an inbuilt auxiliary oxygen port which could be used to fill oxygen cylinders with an FDA-cleared cylinder filling device, designed to fill a cylinder with oxygen from a concentrator.


Devilbiss 5 LPM exhaust

Located at the bottom of the machine, Nitrogen and heat is released from this exhaust.

Additional Contents

Devilbiss 5 LPM

The machine is packaged in a carton box similar to the one pictured above. Some other essential components such as line cord, outlet fitting and instruction guide are also provided with it.

Power Cord

Devilbiss 5 liter power cord

Front View

Devilbiss 5 LPM front view

Back View

Devilbiss 5 LPM back view

The Final Verdict

Built with a solid exterior, Drive Devilbiss 5 liter is an established player in the global market. Its high operating altitude range, powerful compressor and low-power consumption technology has been the main attraction. Over the years, the concentrator has proven its durability and reliability by providing excellent warranty service options and some unbeatable specifications

However, there are some disappointing aspects about the concentrator. It does not come with an oxygen purity analyzer because of which the users will not get to know what percentage of oxygen concentration benign delivered to him. The flow meter is also provided in a conventional design. It would have been better if it came with a display screen like the Oxymed Mini.

Would I buy it? Undoubtedly… product’s durability outweighs the missing features

Top Rivals of Devilbiss 5 liters

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You can also go to our comparison tool to draw a comparative analysis between Drive Devilbiss 5 LPM and its other competitors.

That was all from our side. Hope our Drive DeVilbiss 5 LPM oxygen concentrator review helped you form your final verdict. Check the list of oxygen concentrator dealers if you are interested in buying it.

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