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Nareena Oxygen Concentrator price in India (2021)

Nareena Oxygen Concentrator is priced between ₹ 40,000-78,000 in India.

Model Price in India
Nareena 5 LPM (Single flow) (Stationary) ₹ 37,000-39,000
Nareena 10 LPM (Stationary) ₹ 64,000-78,000

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Nareena Oxygen Concentrator Models


Nareena 5 LPM (Single flow)

Type Stationary
Flow 1-5 LPM
Weight 15.00 kg

Nareena 10 LPM

Type Stationary
Flow 1-10 LPM
Weight 22.60 kg

About the Company

Nareena Lifesciences Private Limited is an importer & distributor of home healthcare devices, medical disposables, and diagnostic devices. The brand was launched in 2015 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Headquarters Uttar Pradesh, Indiaimage
Founded 2015
Products Oxygen concentrators, Nebulizers, Multi-para monitors, ECG machines, infusion pumps, and air mattresses
Official Website

Nareena provides innovative and technologically advanced health devices high-quality. The products from Nareena are effective, feasible, and easily accessible to people. Nareena aims to create a better healthcare system by making quality healthcare products available to all.
The product range of Nareena Lifesciences Private Ltd. includes medical disposables, home healthcare devices such as oxygen concentrators, and diagnostic devices. They manufacture a variety of nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, para monitors, ECG machines, infusion pumps, and air mattresses.

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